Gamified Upskilling for Manufacturers

Turbocharge your training

  • Improve employee growth and retention through daily, 5 minute drills

  • Increase information retention for content learned in classroom and computer sessions

  • Improve efficiency of OJT by ensuring employees know lingo and theory of operation ahead of time

  • Constantly upskill team members on new or advanced troubleshooting and Work Instructions

  • Reduce overall time and training cost while providing a platform for continuous learning

Proven to Work: Microlearning and Gamification

  • People don't learn well in long training sessions without actively putting their learnings into practice

  • Trainees need to put content into practice quickly and over time to maximize information retention

  • Dynamic spaced repetition optimizes learning time by adapting scheduling to focus attention on each individual's misunderstood content

  • Gamification through points, leaderboards, and competitions spurs engagement and continuous learning

Optimized for Manufacturing, Distribution, and Food Production

  • The production floor is no place for personal phones, and production schedules take priority

  • The Reimagine platform is designed to work around production schedules and in concert with IT policies and union guidance

  • Employees can use company kiosks or personal devices

  • Flexible scheduling allows usage in a variety of ways:

    • after a morning huddle

    • ad-hoc during production down-time, breaks

    • at home during pre-determined training hour allocations

Measuring Success

  • Full reporting shows employee activity for compliance requirements

  • See time spent, skill learning progress, problematic learning objectives

  • Connect data into your existing LMS

Easy Deployment, Management, and Growth

  • Our engineers and instructional designers can help create content to minimize time needed by your SMEs

  • Reimagine staff have decades of experience in industrial environments and training, we understand equipment, regulations, and production IT

  • We can create content from existing training materials, Work Instructions, or visit on-site to create content from scratch

  • Start small - start with a 8-12 person pilot to learn the best way to use the Reimagine Platform in your organization

  • Grow fast - easily add content and participants as your organization is ready

  • Reimagine can be integrated into your existing LMS for assignment, reporting, and single sign-on infrastructure

  • As the world changes, your content will need to keep up. The Reimagine Platform enables easy addition of new content and refinement of existing content

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