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Training Platform for Manufacturers, Fabricators, Machine Shops

Get New Workers Productive Quickly

Many manufacturers rely almost exclusively on informal on-the-job training (OJT). While this can be effective for more experienced hires, new workers these days often lack even the foundational basics.


This gap makes OJT inefficient and extremely frustrating, for both the trainees and the experts.

The Reimagine platform allows you to deliver the essential training for your specific job roles to get new workers efficiently onboarded and and better supported through development and upskilling.

Our platform and development process will help you create tailor-made training with minimal time on your part.

Workers learn with our easy-to-use app that ensures they understand the content and remember it over the long-haul. 

"After using your app, my new trainee learned basic terminology and how to read a micrometer. I just had to give him some practice on the right touch. It was the fastest I've ever trained someone on that tool."

                                         -Machine Shop Trainer

Reimagine Platform Benefits


Improve OJT With Better Onboarding

Use the app to teach workers terminology, measurement tools, work instructions, safety, quality, etc., so OJT can build upon a common foundation and focus on hands-on learning.

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Develop Custom Content Efficiently

Off-the-shelf content doesn't always teach your workers your procedures; but creating custom content is costly. Get the best of both worlds with Reimagine.


Get Your Experts Back to Producing

While effective, OJT is incredibly disruptive. Offload foundational training and remediation, getting your most productive workers back to producing.


Deliver Training that Endures

After introducing new content, the platform reinforces skills over time to ensure the skills aren't forgotten and that they understand the importance of compliance. 

Reimagine at a Glance

The Reimagine Platform allows you to develop custom content for your company and deliver it effectively to trainees, improving worker onboarding, development, and upskilling.

Content Development

We have a great set of starter content, but your workers need training based on your specific work instructions and processes. 

Creating custom content can take hundreds of hours; but, we know you don't have that kind of time. The Reimagine Platform was designed to help you develop content in small, manageable steps so you improve your training quickly. And if you want to turbo-charge the process, our Managed Support services can exert most of the effort, freeing your team up to stay focused on what they do best.

We encourage manufacturers to start with a free pilot where an account manager will guide you through the platform, help you develop a Training Plan, and demonstrate our suggested development process.


After the pilot, you can continue with a paid account and use the Management Console to continue developing content yourself, or use our Managed Support Service to keep the initiative moving forward even if your team doesn't have the time to lead such an effort.



Trainee Experience

  • Onboarding, Development, Upskilling, and Cross-Training
    Trainees learn the basics quickly to get ready for onboarding and then develop and upskill over time to become more effective for the company.

  • Microlearning
    Trainees learn and practice in short 5-10 minute sessions, allowing it to fit within the day without impacting production.

  • Reinforcing
    Continuous reinforcement engine challenges workers over weeks and months to ensure content is not forgotten.

  • Individually Adaptive
    Sessions automatically adapt to each individual trainee, focusing where they need more help and deemphasizing content about which they exhibit mastery.


Management Console

  • Impactful
    Create the learning and quality culture necessary to meet your business goals

  • Insightful
    See real-time progress and mastery of skills by each individual trainee

  • Intuitive
    Easily invite trainees and assign them the skills they need to thrive in their job role

  • Responsive
    Improve and expand training in direct response to your business and process needs.

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See for Yourself

Schedule a demo to see the platform live and ask any questions you have.

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