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Productive Workers, Faster

Entry Level Technical Training Platform

  • Do your entry level workers make expensive mistakes due to forgotten training?

  • Are your experts spending too much time training and remediating workers?

Reimagine is a microlearning and reinforcement platform for company-specific, industrial training.

When Training Impacts the Bottom Line

Reimagine Platform Benefits


Training That Workers Like

Workers learn in 5-10 min microlearning bursts, maximizing workday downtime. Accessible on phones or computers, making it easy to get in and out of training.


Improves Job-Specific Training

Get workers the basic terminology and shop understanding, allowing job-specific training sessions to go faster and reduced need for your experts to remediate.


Training that Sticks

Unlike traditional one-and-done training, workers take short drills every day that reinforce concepts so that training isn't forgotten, preventing costly mistakes and wasted training.


Individually Adaptive, Time Efficient

There's no such thing as an average worker. To optimize training efficiency and reduce frustration, Reimagine automatically adapts to each worker's specific performance.

Workers with Safety Vests
Your workplace is always changing, your training content must evolve with it

Complements Existing Training

Reimagine improves your current training program, regardless of the approaches you're using today. 

Two Technicians Working On Machine

On-the-Job Training

Reimagine is the perfect platform for organizations that use 1:1 and OJT based training. Develop standardized reinforcement for OJT, without burdening your experts.

Using Laptop at Home


Fill in the reinforcement and agile creation gaps that often impede Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions.


Classroom Lectures

Trainees forget most of what is taught in Instructor Led Training (ILT) if not immediately used or reinforced. Reimagine improves your ILT with adaptive repetition and reinforcement.

Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

We offer a free tier so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers. 

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