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Training Platform for Machine Shops and Fabricators

Struggling to hire workers with the right experience?

The current market is forcing shops to hire less experienced workers.


When workers come in without foundational skills, they take longer to train, generate more rework, have more safety incidents, and take more time from experts.

The Reimagine Platform provides essential training to shop workers to get them productive quickly.

The platform includes pre-made content (measurement, drawings, terminology, and more), and is also designed to help capture and share your company's unique tribal knowledge and processes.

Reimagine Platform Benefits


Get Everyone Contributing to Quality

A better trained workforce produces better quality parts, has less rework, generates fewer safety incidents, and improves turnover. Investing in your team positively impacts your bottom line.


Get Experts Back to Work Instead of Training

While effective, OJT is incredibly disruptive to your experienced workers. Offload foundational training time from your most productive workers and get them back to producing.


Put Trainees in Their Most Productive Roles

With better insight into each workers' knowledge and skill progress, you can better position them in the most effective role today, and know when they're ready for greater responsibilities tomorrow.


 Help Workers Capture Tribal Knowledge in the Flow of Work

Experienced workers have a vast base of invaluable knowledge, including mistakes to avoid, shortcuts, and best practices. Our platform is designed to collect and share this knowledge over time as it is encountered.

Reimagine Platform at a Glance

The Reimagine Platform consists of the training application and a catalog of shop-focused content upon which you can layer company specific training. 


Reimagine Training App

  • Microlearning
    Trainees learn and practice in short 5-10 minute sessions to both improve learning and fit flexibly within the needs of operations.

  • Reinforcing
    A reinforcement engine continuously challenges workers over weeks and months to ensure content is not forgotten.

  • Adaptive
    Sessions adapt to each individual trainee, focusing where they specifically need more help and deemphasizing content about which they exhibit mastery.


Shop-Focused Content

  • Foundational
    Including terminology (thou, turn, etc.), general safety, tool and equipment identification, shop math, reading drawings, basic measurements (calipers, micrometers, etc.), common materials, and more.

  • Custom
    Custom learning pathways can be created from our existing catalog, and custom skills can be layered on as needed.

  • Always Growing
    Capture quality and safety issues as they happen and put them in the library so others avoid those mistakes in the future.


Management Console

  • Insightful
    See real-time mastery of different skills by your trainees.

  • Easy to Use
    Assign content and invite trainees easily.

  • Powerful
    Manage your custom content with tools that automatically generate questions and lessons.

Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

Schedule a demo to see the platform live and ask any questions you have.

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