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Easy-to-use App That Ensures Understanding and Long-term Retention

Trainee Experience


Trainees learn via a mobile app, tablet, or kiosk / desktop. When workers first start, they have an "Onboarding" goal to get through that typically covers some HR content, safety, terminology and essentials for their job. The goal is to get trainees ready for their first OJT so that in-person trainers don't have to waste time on the basics.

After the initial onboarding slug, trainees will continue building knowledge by using the app for 5-10 minutes daily. Unlike most training programs where trainees drink from a firehose and then forget 90% of the information the next week, the Reimagine Platform is designed to ensure trainees understand and retain information over the long-haul.


Put Learning Into Practice

Most training involves mindlessly watching a video with no way to know if you've understood, let along remember it over time. The Reimagine Platform teaches in short lessons, and then immediately requires you to demonstrate understanding in short Practice quizzes. Then, content is further reinforced over the next days, weeks, and months to make sure nothing is forgotten. The app adjusts the reinforcement for each individual, giving more reinforcement for areas where the trainee is struggling, and less on content that is mastered. Learn more about our reinforcement and personalized delivery system.


Realtime Reference

At any time, workers can revisit past lessons, or review future ones. This is a great way to provide access to reference material, such as settings to use for a particular job.

review lesson.jpg
pathway app progress.jpg


Workers can easily see their progress and what's next on the Pathway tab. The more they answer reinforcement questions correctly, the more filled in each skill's progress circle gets.

Gamified Engagement

Workers get points for completing lessons and quizzes, and can see their scores on a monthly leaderboard.


They also get work towards a Weekly Training Goal in the form of tokens. Many of our clients give out awards (company swag, raffle entries, etc.) for reaching the Weekly goal.

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Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

Schedule a demo to see the platform live and ask any questions you have.

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