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Adaptive Microlearning App and Management Console

Reimagine System

App-Based Microlearning

People learn best in short, frequent sessions, so content in our system is learned and practiced in 5-10 minute interactive sessions.

Bite-sized learning enables workers to train whenever time is available. The app can run on phones, tablets, computers, or kiosks.


Job Focused Learning Pathways

Develop content pathways for different jobs at your organization. Select from our foundational content for each job and layer company-specific content on top, such as specialized terminology, machines, or processes unique to your organization.

Learning Steps


Content is first delivered in a lesson, through a set of image, text, and video cards that are easily readable on a phone or computer. Trainees must immediately demonstrate understanding through practice sessions. These start easy, and then progress into harder challenge sessions.  

Proactive Reinforcement for Long-term Retention

In many companies, trainees learn in one big session, but then forget anything that's not used on a daily basis over the next week or month. Then when they get stuck or worse, make a mistake, an expert has to come in to remediate and potentially rework parts. We call this Reactive Reinforcement; waiting for your workers to fail enough times to become effective.

proactive vs reactive reinforcement.png

The Reimagine Platform uses Proactive Reinforcement to refresh knowledge in workers before it's needed. This not only helps workers remember information over the long-haul, but puts them in the best possible position to have the knowledge when it's needed on the shop floor. The platform uses a Spaced Repetition System algorithm to dynamically increase the time between revisiting each individual topic, based on each learner's demonstrated competency, to optimize learning efficiency and effectiveness. 


Gamified Engagement

Workers get points for completing lessons and quizzes. Bonus points are awarded to encourage desired usage, for instance, by completing at least 4 activities each day.


The points allow them to climb a monthly leaderboard within your organization. Even meaningless points typically drive much higher levels of engagement. And, to spur usage even more, you can award monthly prizes to the top achievers, or for anyone that gets a certain number of points.

Adaptive, Individualized Training

There is no such thing as an average worker. Everyone comes at a job with their own strengths, weaknesses, and experience. The platform adapts to each worker's individual performance, dynamically generating practice sessions that focus on their weak spots, to use their limited time to best progress their learning. This avoids boredom for topics they know well and extra attention where it's needed.

Management Console

The Management Console lets you easily manage users and their enrollments. 

It also provides insight into worker knowledge and progress through the competency dashboard. See where each trainee stands, the monthly leaderboard, a chart of at-risk trainees who haven't done training recently, and top-missed questions, which could indicate additional training is needed in a particular area.

When deciding who should do a given task, or who needs additional training, it's essential to know what skill sets your workers have. Because the Reimagine Platform is constantly measuring performance, you always have access to a real-time view of worker knowledge.

Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

Schedule a demo to see the platform live and ask any questions you have.

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