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Rooted in Industry

We're not just another training company.

We understand the industrial world, and have decades of experience creating training for industry. This is where we found the inspiration for the Reimagine platform--a solution to training that is too quickly forgotten or takes too much time away from experts to create, maintain, or deliver.

Our Story

Our founders all started their journey as engineers, which is why we're not afraid of your complex procedures or technical data--we love to learn about industrial processes. We've been on the design side for manufactured products (industrial pumps), cut plenty of chips on CNC machines, and assembled wiring harnesses in bulk.


All this experience gives us a deep appreciation for OJT (on-the-job training), because you need hands-on practice to do hands-on jobs.  

Image by Daniel Smyth
Virtual Reality

While necessary, hands-on training is hard to scale. Your experts can't stand behind each worker forever.

In a past company, we found ourselves reaching for the highest tech solution to the scaling problem: Virtual Reality. It promised to let people practice in a 3D world, and even get real-time feedback on mistakes (wrong bolt order--try again!).

While exciting and bleeding edge, the Virtual Reality solutions we developed still had a problem, the same problem that OJT and classroom training have. Almost everyone quickly forgets training if it's not put into regular practice. 

Reimagine is our solution to the problem of scaling and making sure training is remembered. Reimagine brings training to worker phones, (where the rest of their lives are) in the form of micro lessons and practice sessions. These lessons give workers the information needed to make OJT as efficient as possible, so experts don't waste time covering what can be learned via phone. And trainees get challenged over time to ensure knowledge is retained. 

Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

We offer a free tier so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers. 

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