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Built For Service Technicians

Reimagine allows you to create lessons and questions built for the training needs of your service technicians. From product terminology to in-depth troubleshooting, Reimagine ensures your technicians maintain best practices and expert performance.


Terminology & Parts

From your end product to the specifics of a work cell, knowing the names and functions of parts & tools sooner increases employees' ability to communicate and understand.

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Standard Operating Procedures

With the understanding of parts and theory, trainees can more effectively understand the reasons for specific steps of the procedure leading to a more detailed following of the procedure.


Theory of Operation

After terminology, understanding the functionality and theory of operation of target equipment helps technicians understand why pieces are important and how their potential failure modes interact.

Image by Julian Hochgesang


Understanding more about the system allows for a quicker and more correct conversion from failure mode into underlying cause. Teach your technicians how to correctly identify root causes and fix them accordingly.

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See for Yourself

We offer a free tier so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers. 

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