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  • Do your workers forget important information already covered in training?

  • Are your experts spending too much time training and remediating workers?

Reimagine is a microlearning and reinforcement platform for company-specific, industrial training.

When Training Impacts the Bottom Line


Adapt to Workers

Keep workers engaged and challenged with training that adapts to each individual's strengths and weaknesses.


Amplify Experts

Stop relying on one-on-one remediation from experts for training. Convert tribal knowledge into scalable digital training.


Drive Business Results

The platform makes training stick, and helps prevent costly mistakes and safety incidents.

The best and fastest way to see how Reimagine can benefit your business is to try it. Open a free account and Reimagine will kickstart your microlearning journey.

Your Content

See how your content will work within the Reimagine platform.

Your Workers

See how easy it is for your team to use and learn every day.

Your Results

Your content and your workers together give you the best assessment of Reimagine's full potential.

Want to ask some questions first? No problem, send us a note or schedule a quick demo.

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