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Productive Workers, Faster

Entry Level Machine Shop Training Platform

  • Would it be easier to train your entry-level workers if all new hires came to you with a year of experience working at another shop?

  • Do your entry-level workers lack basic knowledge (endmill vs drill bit, reading drawings, measurement, etc.)?

  • Are your experts spending too much time training and remediating new workers?

  • Do your workers make expensive mistakes due to forgotten training?

Reimagine Training delivers and adaptively reinforces key foundational shop content for you entry-level workers. Doing so makes your job-specific training more effective and efficient, since they start with a solid industry foundation.

When Training Impacts the Bottom Line

Reimagine Platform Benefits


Training That Workers Like

Workers learn in 5-10 min microlearning bursts, maximizing workday downtime. Accessible on phones or computers, making it easy to get in and out of training.


Improves Job-Specific Training

Get workers the basic terminology and shop understanding, allowing job-specific training sessions to go faster and reduced need for your experts to remediate.


Training that Sticks

Unlike traditional one-and-done training, workers take short drills every day that reinforce concepts so that training isn't forgotten, preventing costly mistakes and wasted training.


Individually Adaptive, Time Efficient

There's no such thing as an average worker. To optimize training efficiency and reduce frustration, Reimagine automatically adapts to each worker's specific performance.

Machine Shop Basics Curriculum

The following curriculum provides entry level workers with the knowledge and background needed to begin working in a shop environment. It does not replace hands-on instruction, nor does it replace task-specific training. Rather, the job-specific training is more effective, impactful, and takes less of your expert’s time when workers already know the fundamentals. 

Core Skills

Recommended for all workers to get basic shop familiarity, no matter the specifics of the expected job activities. These skills include about 1hr of content and 50 reinforcement questions. We recommend workers get through this initial introduction in three 20 min sessions. Reinforcement questions will continue to show up in practice sessions for several months to lock in learnings.

  • Tool / Machine Identification 

  • General Shop Safety 

  • Common Materials Overview 

  • Shop Terminology

  • Basic Math 

  • Basics of Reading Blueprints 

Elective Skills

These are intended to be chosen based on the needs of the entry level jobs at your specific shop. Each skill includes 10-15 min of video or card-based instruction and 10-20 reinforcement questions.

General Equipment Skills
  • Drill Press

  • Hand Tools

  • Bandsaw

  • +9 more skills

Concepts & Basic Technique Skills
  • Reaming/Broaching

  • Taps & Dies

  • Deburring

  • +8 more skills

Material Skills
  • Material Treatment Types

  • Hardness v Toughness

  • Comparing Materials for Machinability

  • +2 more skills

Measurement Skills
  • Measuring Methodologies

  • Calipers

  • Micrometers

  • +2 more skills

Math & Drawing Skills
  • Basic Algebra

  • Unit Conversions

  • Projections

  • +1 more skills

Milling Machine Skills
  • Edge Finding

  • Part Loading Basics

  • Chip Formation

  • +6 more skills

Turning & Lathe Skills
  • Tool Overviews

  • Turning Specific Actions

  • Chuck Types

  • +4 more skills

Full Detailed Curriculum

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