Training, Amplified

The Reimagine App is a digital training platform that makes it easy to create effective training for all your hard skill needs.

The trainee app uses state of the art techniques to drive learnings home with microlearning and reinforcement, all while keeping them engaged with gamification.

An intuitive Management Console allows your SMEs to create content quickly and efficiently, with a robust feedback system making your content work for you.


Reinforcement Microlearning

No matter how great your trainers are, workers won't remember their training unless they use it. The Reimagine App proactively reinforces knowledge so workers don't make mistakes or distract SMEs when knowledge is needed.

Daily Microlearning Drills

Workers perform short drills on phones or kiosks, taking advantage of breaks around production.

Personalized Content

Daily content is based on each individual's past performance and the latest in memory research to optimize learning.

Engaging Platform

Points and leaderboards keep workers engaged and eager to advance.

Easy Content Creation

The management console makes it easy to add new skills and questions. Videos and images can be added to help show real equipment and troubleshooting scenarios.

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Only Relevant Information

Unlike platforms that are built to be content agnostic, the Reimagine App focuses specifically on Industrial hard skills and specific ways to teach them.  You're able to follow a set of instructions on entering information about your lines & machines, and the Reimagine App autogenerates questions and lessons for you. 


Designed to Keep Current

Jobs are constantly in flux, so our system is designed to help you keep content relevant and useful. Workers can easily give feedback within the app so you can quickly address any confusion or mistakes. We encourage clients to create content in small batches and evolve it based on feedback.

Knowledge Analytics

Gain real time understanding of worker knowledge so you can address issues before they show up as line downtime or quality problems.



Points, monthly competitions, and leaderboards help spur engagement and motivate workers to keep learning.