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Easy to Launch,
Powerful Results

The Reimagine management console makes it simple to create microlearning lessons and reinforcement questions.

The Reimagine training app allows trainees to learn on their own schedule in short microlearning sessions. Trainees flip through card-based lessons with pictures and videos and content is reinforced over time with short drills that dynamically adapt to each trainee's knowledge.


Shop Basics Curriculum

The platform comes with pre-built skills designed to get entry level workers up to speed on basic shop skills, like blueprint reading, fractions and conversions, machine & tool familiarization, materials, and safety. 

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Content Creation

The management console allows you to quickly create microlessons and reinforcement questions around skills you want to teach your workers. Attach your own pictures and videos to content to connect it with your workplace. Unlike many LMS platforms, the system is simple and intuitive to use. Industry specific guides give you a blueprint for easily getting started.

Training Pathways

Organize your content into learning pathways based on typical job roles. Enroll workers in the desired pathway and Reimagine will start notifying and adapting to optimize their learning. Workers can use their own mobile devices or computers, tablets, kiosk at your site.


Microlearning Lessons

Lessons consist of mobile-friendly cards with pictures, text, and videos that make it easy to learn in small bursts. Trainees can always revisit the lessons if they need a refresher later on.

Leaderboards & Competitions

Every session earns the trainee points, which ties into a monthly leaderboard. These competitions provide additional incentive for trainees to get and stay engaged with the training content over time. You can even provide real-world prizes to winners or participants to further enhance the engagement!

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Reinforcement Drills

Trainees simply tap "Practice Now" to get a personalized training session based on their assigned content and past performance. Missed questions are repeated more frequently to reinforce challenging content, and questions answered correctly are asked less frequently to avoid boredom.


At any point during a session, if a trainee feels a question is confusing or the answer incorrect, they can write feedback that is logged in the management console against the question or lesson, allowing content managers to improve and refine content. Using  feedback allows training content to constantly and quickly grow and evolve over time.


Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard shows overall trainee learning progress and opportunities for offline assistance. It also provides vital information about your content, such as mistake rates and content with trainee feedback. Use this information to ensure that workers are learning and that content stays current.

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See for Yourself

We offer a free tier so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers. 

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