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Built For Distribution

The Reimagine Platform is designed to create lessons and questions built around the needs of distribution companies. From product line terminology to customer applications, our training platform will ensure your workers perform at their best.

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Product Line Terminology

Quickly create questions to drill employees on important terminology and product line information. Content can updated easily to keep pace with changing manufacturer information.

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Application Use Cases

Help employees train on the important and unique aspects of each application. Reimagine helps keep knowledge at each employees' fingertips to drive top performance.

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Product Lookup Techniques

Every manufacturer has a different system that requires its own set of tricks to utilize efficiently. Reimagine helps document and share best practices across your team.



Distributors are often the first person called when a problem arises. Help your customers quickly determine root causes and resolve issues.

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See for Yourself

We offer a free tier so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers. 

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