Scale Your Training

Industrial Digital Training Platform

When Training Impacts the Bottom Line

  • Are your most productive workers spending too much time training and remediating newer workers?

  • Are you seeing production impacts or safety incidents from less experienced workers?

  • Do you need scalable, digital training, but don't know how to start?

Reimagine is a digital microlearning platform for industrial companies. Quickly create, evolve, and deliver site-specific content to train your mission critical skills.


Reimagine Platform Benefits


Streamline Training

Workers reach proficiency quicker when training automatically adapts to their individual experience, strengths, and weaknesses. 


Unburden Experts

Let your most experienced workers get back to doing what they do best, instead of training and remediating new workers.


Improve Quality

Proactive reinforcement dynamically identifies and remediates skill gaps for each employee, allowing them to improve before quality suffers.


Boost Safety

Don't wait for injuries to happen before reinforcing safety. A culture of safety requires ongoing reminders of protocols and consequences. 

Workers with Safety Vests
Your workplace is always changing, your training content must evolve with it

Complements Existing Training

Reimagine improves your current training program, regardless of the approaches you're using today. 

Two Technicians Working On Machine

On the Job Training

Reimagine is the perfect platform for organizations that use 1:1 and OJT based training. Develop standardized training and reinforcement for OJT, without burdening your experts.

Using Laptop at Home


Fill in the reinforcement and agile creation gaps that often impede Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions.


Classroom Lectures

Trainees forget most of what is taught in Instructor Led Training (ILT) if not immediately used or reinforced. Reimagine improves your ILT with adaptive repetition and reinforcement.

Engineer on Tablet

See for Yourself

We offer a 4 week free trial, so you can evaluate the platform with your content and workers.