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Evolving Content

Utilizing the Power of Feedback



Type your username and password into the respective fields, and click Login!



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Start a Practice Session

Click on the Practice button on the dashboard now to begin a Practice session.


Leave Feedback on a Question

After you answer a question, on the confirmation screen, clicking the flag will let you leave feedback. This lets the content manager know that you think something should change with the question or explanation.




Complete the Practice Session

Once you complete a session, you're returned to the dashboard. Here you can see the leaderboard showing your place in the challenge.


Identify Content to Evolve

Click here to go to the manager console for your company, located at /manage. 

The Manager Console contains multiple ways for you to identify content for improvement.

The Top Missed Questions widget shows the most missed questions in the system

Within the skills page, you can sort skills by number of feedback, allowing you to change skills with more feedback easily.

Finally, when there is outstanding feedback, the feedback widget will direct you to recently received feedback.


 Click the most recent feedback

The feedback you left in your practice session will be the most recent and offers a quick link to the question listed.


Change the Question Text field

Click the question text field and change the title to anything you like. Note that you can edit any other fields related to the question here as well.

The right side of the screen shows all feedback for the question you have selected, allowing you to see all the relevant information while editing.




Resolve & Save

Clicking Resolve All will clear the feedback you left earlier, and clicking Save will save and close the question editor.

Any feedback your trainees leave will work the same way in this system.

Creating content uses the same system, so feel free to come back and create new content!

Good job editing feedback! Click here to go back to the Selection Screen.

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