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Trainee Management

Utilizing the ease and power of the Manager Console


Trainee Engagement Metrics

The Manager Console is built around keeping you informed with your trainees' engagement.

1. Quesions / Day. This graph will give you an idea of overall usage of the app across your trainees, letting you know when to act at a wider level.

2. Current Competition Stats. This widget lets you know the current state of the competition, allowing for you to acknowledge top performers in a given competition period.

3. Top Trainee Point Earners. This field shows the all time points ranking of your trainees.

4. At-Risk Trainees. This widget shows your trainees, sorted by most time since last activity, giving you the information you need to adjust your employee behavior.


Engagement Tips:
Reward Top Performers

Making sure your top performers know they're at the top of the pack will keep them learning & engaging with the system


Engagement Tips:
Talk to Bottom Performers

Talking to your employees that aren't putting in enough work is the best way to get them to acknowledge and work harder next time.


Ensure Trainees Complete Practice

While sitting with them, get your trainees to go through a full lesson and practice, like you did in your first tutorial.

You may want to ensure that they go through

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