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Adding Users

Putting other people on the system


Identify Users

Now that you've given the system a try, it's time to identify the trainees you want to have participate in the trial. Once you've determined that they have smartphones, the only information you need is First Name and Email.

If you are able to put your immediate reports on the system, this is as easy as picking 2-3 of them.

If you need to talk to a trainer and get their permission to use a few trainees, here is a PDF with relevant information.


Go to Manger Console and Choose Users

On the Manager Console, click the Users link on the menu.


Add Users

Clicking create brings up a popup for user name & email. Fill this out with your trainee's information and click Invite to send them an invitation email. Go ahead and add all your users in this way


Add Enrollments

Choose each the created users, go to the Enrollments tab, and add the Skill you chose at the beginning of the experience by clicking the Plus icon on the right.

Make sure you add this skill to each of your created users.

In the full system, you can set an order of skills called Pathways, name them a job role, and easily attach them to users.

Good job adding users! Click here to go back to the Selection Screen.

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