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Trainee Kickoff

Getting your trainees to start the system


Increase Engagement

As part of your Reimagine Trial, we offer our clients a $50 gift card to give to the winner of the competition. If your company allows this, click here to accept your gift card!


Provide Installation Instructions

We've sent installation instructions to your trainees along with their welcome email, but in case you need to resend it, the installation instructions are here.


Explain Purpose & Intent

Explaining the purpose of the trial to your trainees can go a long way in getting them to engage, and actually running the system through its paces. We recommend having a sit down with your trainees and going over the content in this one pager.


Ensure Trainees Complete Practice

While sitting with them, get your trainees to go through a full lesson and practice, like you did in your first tutorial.

You may want to ensure that they go through

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